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Sticker Manufacturer in Taiwan


1987 Established in Taichung, major in commercial label, tags, and cloth label.
1989 Import Screen Printing machine, open up new printing business.
1993 Expand production capacity, move the factory from Taichung to Fengyuan.
1994 Import Offset Printing machine, open up new printing business.
1996-1998 Set up a few Preprinting departments and complete the consistent producing process.
2001 Import the ISO 9001 system for better management and quality.
2003 Look for the international market, and prepare to set up the branch.
2004 China branch, U-CHEER PRINTING COMPANY starts the business.
2005-2012 The company keeps growing up year by year, and with new equipment and new technology.
2013 To achieve the most objective data of printing color, import the IGT printability tester, Standard multi-source color test light, amd X-Rite eXac. Using the best equipment for color quality test.
2015 The company's website has been updated to provide customers with more comfortable and convenient Internet services.
Leadthe central region, and it is the first to introduce intermittent PS plate roll to roll printing machine.
2016 Leadthe introduction of Japanese screen digital printing machine.
2017 Special custom purchase of full rotation and variable data printing machine, to provide customers with a more comprehensive choice of variable data labeling.
2018 Purchase a new generation of PS version intermittent roll to roll automatic ink control printing machine, further improve the quality and expand production capacity to meet customer demand.
2019 Continue to introduce a number of post-processing stamping molding machine, to meet customer demand for more products post-processing.