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Preprinting Equipment

AI file, film, Backsheet, Molds, Die cutter. All the parts we need during the producing process made in the factory.

01 High standard configuration PC / MAC equipment
02 High resolution film output machine
03 Full-automatic CTP Scourability Plate Machine
04 Full-automatic Digital Plate Machine
05 Accurate platemaking equipment with plate material imported from Japan
06 Automatic color mixing formula by computer & ink stock managing system
07 Standard Multi-source color test light
08 American X-Rite eXact
09 Automatic die cutter bending machine
10 Laser mold cutting machine
Printing Equipment

Never stop to improve the machine ability and printing skill, provide the product with high quality.

01 7+1 Full Rotary Press (Digital Inkjet System on line)
02 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine(Screen Printing Unit, Cold foiling Unit)
03 Intermittent Rotary Press
04 Flexo Printing Press
05 Automatic Screen Printing Machine
06 High-speed commercial label Printing Press
07 Letterpress Printing Machine
08 Multifunction Foil Stamping Machine
Complete Processing Equipment

Complete makes the better efficiency and quality

01 Laminating, Mounting  Machine
02 Backer die cut & Fold line Machine
03 Automatic Computer Cutting Machine
04 Slitting Machine
05 Hole Drilling Machine
06 Lead Angle Machine
07 Ultrasonic Cutting Machine
08 High Frequency Machine
09 Blister machine
10 Binding Machine