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Sticker Factory, Company

    In 1987, U-CHEER PRINTING COMPANY was established in Taichung, Taiwan. "Quality first and Customer satisfaction" is always the principle of U-CHEER. We want to provide the best quality goods to our customers and bring the most additional value to their products, and the desire keeps us growing.
    U-CHEER attaches great importance to the service. We make every order to match the clients' demand. Customer just communicate with the sales, and we will provide the complete service that with a consistent system from order to shipment.
    In 2003, U-CHEER started the project called "China Branch", and then the China branch factory done and started in 2005. So far is 10 years old, and our OEM product is sold around the world.

    We use the great technology and staff that full of ambition to provide the high quality product that make customer's commodity more additional value.