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Other Special Technology


Embossed in stickers, could make the logo or the part you want it to be conspicuous embossing effect.


We could make every sticker that you order with a scented ink in the surface. Create more diversification to designs.

Static Cling Vinyl Film

It's usually stuck on glass by static electricity.

Sealing Paste

In addition to the packaging label & sticker, we could also help you to supply you the custom sealing paste.

Color Changed with Different Temperature

We could make the sticker's color changed when the temperature changed, and it's popular as a promotional gift.

Night Glow

Night Glow sticker could be done with the night glow material and night glow ink, and it has the MOQ but with a high quality Glow in the Dark effect.

Other Special Effect to the Surface

We could make the sticker's surface different touching feeling, like the Frosted, embossed, Granule, etc…

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