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Hot Foil & Cold Foil


Foil stamp is wide used in printing industry, it could be clear, shiny color and good to be antifriction.

To be on graphic design, it could emphasize the topic and subject as the design. So many label, sticker and tag designer like to use this technology effect upgrading the texture when producing.


Except the Hot Foil, we also provide the newer Cold Foil technology that is better in some ways then the Hot Foil, here provide some comparison between the two foil technologies.

  1. Better effect: Cold Foil looked more smooth in the edge then the Hot Foil.
  2. Cold Foil could be done before printing,so we could do multi-color printing after Cold Foil with a good quality printing effect.
  3. Cold Foil has a high quality and stability, so it's suitable for transfer printing, and with much quantity, it could lower the cost of foil effect.
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